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Broadway Family Chiropractic Celebrates 10 Years of Keeping Your Health On Straight!

Back pain, neck pain, a suppressed immune system, headaches, heartburn, sciatica, a bum wrist, knee, shoulder, ankle, jaw, etc., etc. After 22 years in practice and 10 years at our current location in Raynham, I’ve witnessed quite a bit! There are some underlying common threads between all these “body signals” that we as upright humans experience … and that is that “structure determines function”. Think about it — if the house you live in has a basement or foundation that has cracks in it or is crumbling in one corner, then your house would not be as sound as one that has all its beams in proper alignment and corners nice and square. The windows on the top floor may not close right after they’ve been shifted and compensating for years! When I was a kid, my mother would yell when she got cold, “I feel a draft!” That’s what she felt, but the “problem” was much bigger in our 60 year old house. Your body is like your house. Having it structurally sound is making sure that your body’s framework has great spinal alignment, body alignment and overall posture.

By making sure these three areas of alignment are integrated and supporting each other, it makes sure that all your organs are positioned where they should be. Have you ever thought about when we let our rib cage “fall down” what that does to the pressure put upon the digestive tract? It increases it! Or what about the dreaded forward head posture and what that does to the functional capacity of your heart and lungs? It decreases the capacity of those organs to optimally function! These postural distortions can make a person prone to heartburn and indigestion, poor movement of food and waste through the digestive tract, as well as increase one’s chances of having fatigue and high blood pressure. It’s all connected!

At Broadway Family Chiropractic, we’ve been coaching and teaching patients for years on how to make their posture work for their health, not against it. Finding out where the weaknesses are in your spine’s structural health is just as important as early detection tests for high blood pressure, osteoporosis and having a healthy colon. Keeping your function as close to your God given potential has been my goal for the last ten years at this location and will be for the next ten years. Chiropractic encourages better body biomechanics to keep our head on straight but also our wellness focus keeps our health on the straight and narrow! How does growing older but in great health sound to you? Let me know.

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