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Reviews for Broadway Family Chiropractic

Very Impressed

I was very impressed with her skill and that of her staff. I feel very confident that she can help me with my sciatic problem. She has a great personality which makes the experience that much easier.

~Beverly K.

Feeling Better

I am already feeling better in the short time I have been a patient. I am so happy that my ears that had been blocked since my car accident in December 2014 are now unblocked 90% of the time and I am able to unblock them if necessary. My other issues with my neck and back have also improved drastically.

~Donna M.

Cured My Pain

Dr. Margie has cured my pain under my shoulder blade. Stretching, posture, and regular adjustments have increased my overall health. During my pregnancy before chiropractic care, I was tired, achy, and grumpy. Dr. Margie helped me with the awful muscle pains. She kept me walking upright and I barely had a prego waddle. My belly was huge towards the end without chiropractic care I probably would have tipped over.

Keep on stretching. Listen to your body. Share your aches, pains, and health concerns with Dr. Margie. She can help you more than you realize!

~Jamie I.

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