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Postural Correction at Broadway Family Chiropractic

person working at desk“Your posture is the window to your spine” — if your posture is off, it’s an indicator that your spine is not functioning optimally. Most people have posture issues without evening realizing it; they’ve had bad posture for so long that abnormal is now their normal.

Posture begins from the ground up, so at Broadway Family Chiropractic, we begin our evaluation by looking at the feet up through the knees, then the knees through the pelvis, and finally the spine to the top of the head. During this examination, we look for any posture deviations in the spine that may affect your biomechanics. We confirm our findings with X-rays to see what’s really going on.

Our Approach

Based on your initial assessment, we’ll let you know what your postural health is like, and we’ll include postural correction through our adjustments, simple and easy spinal exercises, and the “do’s and don’ts” of a healthy spine, as part of your overall care plan.

We’ll teach you how to create and maintain better posture when you are sitting, standing and even sleeping. We’ll talk with you about your job/life requirements and help create workarounds for unavoidable circumstances—we call them “posture potholes,” and we educate you about how to manage them.

As with all of our care, we are here to guide you and “hold your hand” through the entire process to ensure you have the support you need to make the changes you want to make to create better long-term health.


Your body is designed around proper posture, and improving your posture can help improve your energy levels, reduce your risk of injury and create less wear and tear on your body for the long haul. People with better posture adapt to the stresses of life more effectively and efficiently.

Life has different seasons: changes in family structure, job changes, new hobbies or activities, & stressful events that all require you to adapt. Having optimal posture can help you have the resilience to weather these seasons with ease. Clinical studies show that better posture affects your mood! Good posture also helps your body hold adjustments longer. Strengthen your spine and body function through natural chiropractic care.

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