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Can You Actually Get Younger As You Get Older?

How does that sound to you? Incredible? Impossible? Too good to be true? Well, let me tell you, I am so much healthier than when I was 19. That’s not bad for “pushing 50” and I’m going to tell you why and how. I think there are the Top 4 Most Important Keys to Great Health when it comes to being amongst the very healthy. When you are part of this group, your body refreshes and renews itself on a regular basis.

The fourth Most Important Key to Great Health is Your Attitude. I work with people all day long and find that the more positive a person is about their health and how they heal, the greater their experience of over all health is. Call this the Law of Attraction, if you will. People who have a purpose driven life; they live for a greater cause, tend to not make it “all about them” and their woes in life. When you live to support a higher cause, our attitudes often reflect a spirit of resiliency and it seems to lift the burden of constantly paying attention to the micro-seconds of your healing experience. People who do this naturally, seem to see the ‘bigger picture” in all areas in life. This seems to increase our tolerance when the body (and life) goes through cycles. There’s an attitude of “this too shall pass” when times of health challenges comes up. Pain is dealt with a lot better. I’ve told many of my patients that what you focus on grows! Focus on health and healing and you’ll get a lot more of it. Focus on sickness and disease and … ahem … you just might attract more of that! You’re so much better than that. So work that attitude in the right direction!

The third Most Important Key to Great Health is How You Move Your Body. I don’t care what patients do as long as they move it! The body was made for movement. Just look at all those “hinges” you have! We talk about your adjustments being like a “little WD-40 for your joints” but did you know that moving your body through exercise brings nutrition to joints and conditions all those “hinges” to continue being able to move? We’ll save the “sticky Subluxations” to be remedied with your adjustments but I want you to have activity in your life for overall joint lubrication! In a nutshell, find an exercise that you like whether it be at the gym, with exercise DVDs or cable’s On Demand so you can be in the comfort of your own home, or going out to “massage the Earth” with a meditative stroll or run. Set aside time like an appointment with yourself to exercise. Any time that you do it is great but FYI, earlier in the day burns more fat!

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