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Confessions Of A Spine Snob

I admit it, I’m a spine snob.  I like “good spine”!  And teaching patients how to take care of the “best tool they have in their toolbox”, has become my life’s mission.  Developing spinal “tips” have become second nature to me.  Coming up with ways for patients to have healthier spines and live healthier lives, is often like a game.  But let me tell you how I have become a “spine snob” (and I suggest that you do too!).  Most of the strategies that I recommend, have come to me because I also, fight Subluxation.  I can relate to my own patients because, just like them, I have experienced traumas, have bad habits that try to get in there along the way, and especially have daily work requirements that may compromise my spinal strength.  Often this is where I have to “get the job done”, compromising my posture and body biomechanics.  And you thought being a Chiropractor was a stressless job!  I am always sacrificing my spine and extremities for the love of adjusting!   I create Subluxations regularly and that’s why I get adjusted regularly, once per week.  I live a life full of “threats”, just like you do, that break down our spines over time.  But here’s where I divert off the path of least resistance.  I have learned through MUCH trial and error, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to spinal management, and have put those tips into my daily routine and how I go about living life.

Now what about the “snob” part?  For those of you who know me, know that I love people and am by no means “snooty”!  But what I see in people’s posture can make me a little … ok … I’ll say it … disgusted and saddened as well.  If I walk in a local store and I see people hunched over with sloppy forward posture, with their clothes slipping and sliding on their BENT HANGER OF A BODY, I am tempted to run up to them and hand them a business card!  If I’m out and about and see a person sporting a cervical collar, I know that they’re probably not really taking care of their neck and their doctor doesn’t know how to.  If I see kids wearing backpacks too heavy and positioned wrong, I know that parents and teachers have not instructed them how to use one, probably because they don’t know how.  When I have kids that develop bad spinal habits, I am forced to think that their parents don’t know how important good posture is for their developing bodies AND future health.  When I see someone running/jogging/walking down the road with a miles worth of forward head posture, I know that they’re just drilling their Subluxations deeper into their structure, all while doing something “healthy”.  That’s pressure on their heart, lungs, digestive system, spine and lower extremity joints X10!

There’s a saying that goes like this: “A weekly adjustment keeps the spine from becoming weak.” But what about self care? I’ve built a whole bagful of tricks and techniques for myself and patients. That is what can we do ourselves to minimize accumulated posture stress. Our good habits have to be in place to outweigh the bad, and to slow the negative influences of life. PLEASE … don’t fall prey to activities that I call “posture disasters by default”. What I mean by that is that you “just didn’t know.” Let’s SAVE those other people that do these things by teaching them about Corrective Chiropractic and what it can do for them to prevent the “Posture Demons” from getting in! Please, don’t think that other people don’t notice bad posture and bad body biomechanics. After 22 years, my office and other Corrective Care docs I’ve known, have made our imprint and created many patients transformed into Chiropractic Warriors! They might not say anything, but they see! And something within them just made them pull their head and shoulders back just a little bit more! Spine snobs, for sure!

So my question to you is: “What bad posture habits have you seen in others that makes you right your own posture just a little bit more?” Please share it with me!

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