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Did you know Subluxations Sabotage Your Health!

Did you know that your nerve system is the remarkable link responsible for communication between your mind and body?  In fact, nerve fibers flow into every cell, tissue, and organ in your body, and have direct links to your immune system!  That’s why keeping your spinal cord and nervous system healthy is essential if you want to be healthy and life life to its fullest!  When vertebrae (spinal bones) are misaligned, they can cause compression, stretching, or pinching on these nerves resulting in altered organ function, nerve damage, “dis-ease” and sickness.

Research is proving that spinal nerves are much more susceptible to pressure than previously thought. A University of Colorado study concluded that only 5-10 mm of mercury pressure (about the weight of a dime) can reduce nerve transmission  while the stretching of a nerve by as little as 6% can decrease its strength by up to 70%.  The vital connection between your health and vitality and the health of your spine can no longer be ignored!  Subluxations are silent killers that can compromise your immune system, organ function, central nervous system and your overall health.  Left Unchecked, Subluxations Diminish Your Quality of life and can:  Reduce Range of Motion, Cause Loss of Energy and Fatigue, Cause bone Deformation, Scar Tissue, Disc Decay,  Cause Degeneration of Cartilage and Bone , Lead to Physical and Mental Disability, Cause Spinal Canal Narrowing, Make You Feel Old Before Your Time,  Reduce Ability to Cope With Stress, Cause Acute and Chronic Pain,  Cause Loss of Height With Age, Contribute to Attention Deficit Disorder, Addictive Behavior, Psychosis and More

Millions of people are seeking out and utilizing chiropractors to help them improve their health and quality of life.  Experience the difference chiropractic can make for you and your family.  Make your appointment today! 

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