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Healthier You: Feeling Great Naturally!

How would you like to kiss your back, neck and joint pain “good bye”? See ‘ya! Hasta la vista, Baby! Do you want to know how we can get you feeling great NATURALLY with Chiropractic care?

You know, I see miracles every day in the office. What do I mean by miracles? There are classically two types of miracles. First, there are miracles that either have been plaguing people for a time, sometimes years, like grinding lower back pain, radiating neck pain or gnawing migraine headaches that are suddenly gone with a series of adjustments.

Do you know that I’ve taken care of children and babies who have had digestive issues like reflux or constipation that resolved with simple but extremely specific, gentle adjustments for spinal misalignments we call subluxations. Our adjustments, in these cases, allowed these kids to reduce structural and nerve system stress, permitting the body to function with greater ease and heal. I often see men and women who experience neck and or back pain that is a result of their job requirements. Take away the nerve system irritation and we allow natural healing to occur for more mobility and ease of day to day activities. I’ve helped people who are elderly have more confidence and assurance that they can offset their pain, in spite of degenerative arthritis or previous surgery. Because we have a strong focus in the office around improved posture, all age groups can benefit from a more balanced frame. Our adjustments are gentle and are often, very relaxing and always geared toward your specific needs and body type.

The other type of miracles are the health issues that never happen because we were proactive and applied our healing, holistic techniques, before major deformity or dysfunction in the spine ever occurred. Think about it … if the body heals on its own, doesn’t it make sense to reduce and remove the amount of structural stress and nerve system stress that it would have had to endure over the years, had we not had Chiropractic care? It’s a beautiful thing when the body is given the opportunity to do its job and perform optimally, as God intended.

Research shows that people who maintain their body age slower. This definitely includes the health of the musculoskeletal system; your body’s framework! Offsetting our aging process can often mean a healthier lifestyle, less pain, and greater mobility. We also find that with proper body biomechanics, we can experience less crisis care brought on by lack of both healthy habits and body awareness. This often reduces the need for extreme medical measures due to chronic, unresolved issues of joint pain, including the ever increasing dependence and danger of pain medications.

My patient care at Broadway Family Chiropractic is specifically designed not only for joint pain sufferers, but for individuals who wish to learn how to better take care of their spine and nerve system for improved health and wellness. I wish to give you a more active, longer and healthier life, so you can enjoy the activities that you love most! It’s never too early to start planting those seeds of health and boost your vitality.

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