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How Your Back, Neck and Joint Pain Was Created

Today, we’re going to help you discover how your back, neck and joint pain was created. Have you ever thought “Why is this happening to me?”, “What did I do to ever have to experience this pain?”, “Why can’t I get rid of this pain?” or “Is there something that I should be doing to get rid of this discomfort?”

The answer to these questions has two parts. There are your past traumas like slips, falls, sports, car accidents, work strains and the basic daily grind that you perform, like your job requirements. There basically isn’t any job these days that doesn’t require your body to flex forward like in a sitting position or where you are repetitively bending forward – and even worse if you bend forward and twist. These postural stresses are all accumulative. It adds up!

Part two surrounds what habits you have or activities you do that continue to facilitate give you pain. We can also reach out and say what you ARE NOT DOING that facilitates your pain. It’s never “I’m not taking enough Advil!” No, we want you to get to the CAUSE of the problem, not just cover it up artificially. We also want to figure out how you participate. Sometimes it’s minor details and habits that have gotten into your daily activities. We can make simple modifications with awareness and “bam” … we’ve solved the issue of PAIN. In other cases, we have to “dig deep” and reprogram pain sensing tissues. This is especially true for people that are experiencing chronic pain or pain that has been around for years. Thank goodness, most of the time, we can do this naturally, holistically and in short time. It’s all what you know about YOUR BODY.

How can we tell how much wear and tear there has been to misalign the spine and set you up for imbalance and often the accompanying neck, back and joint pain? By our physical exam and special Chiropractic x-rays. These x-rays can also show us where joints have degenerated and deformed by arthritis or what we call Subluxation decay. Not only do these x-ray tell us how long the problem has probably existed, but also act as a blueprint and tell us how to treat and care for you, by encouraging better body biomechanics. Our analysis is specifically designed for joint pain sufferers and pain caused by irritated nerves and disc issues. Our bodies are amazing machines and alignment is incredibly important for our best function.

It makes sense to take care of your body and learn how to make your joints work as nature intended. I know that when patients find out how to protect their joints, they live with less pain, greater mobility, have better posture, and can live their life doing the things that they love to do with little or no interruption because of pain. Isn’t that what we all really want … optimal health? Chiropractic care is a proven way to help relieve pain and make your body perform better! Healing without the use of harmful chemicals!

If you treasure your health, you’ll want to take care of the best tool you have in your toolbox – your spine and nerve system! I believe that great health is within your reach and I can show you how, NATURALLY at Broadway Family Chiropractic. In our next blog, we’ll cover some beautiful concepts to live a healthier life! I can’t wait!

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