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If Your Spine is Inline, You'll Shine, Darling ... and Other Compliments!

We just celebrated “Perfect Posture Month” in May. What you missed it? Didn’t hear about it? That’s ok because we’re re-running the celebration this month … and actually next month … and the next month! Got my drift? Did you know that we’re part of the “Posture Police” at Broadway Family Chiropractic? Aha … just saw you sit up straight and bring your head up and back! Why do we want to do this? Of course, it’s for your best health but there are other reasons: to look your best!

Great posture makes you look younger! It’s a fact, as we get older, everything and I mean everything, drifts south! When you “give it a lift” with your posture, you prevent the collapsing effect of poor alignment. To maximize your ability to hold great posture, you must stay up on your spinal adjustments. Research shows that if new subluxations are left for more than two weeks, the pattern can become a habit to the musculoskeletal system and be permanent! That’s why a lot of our senior practice members look and act so much younger that others not in the office. They have made their “tune-ups” part of their defense against the aging process!

Having a healthy cervical curve with good posture can help you experience the “good posture FACE LIFT”! Think about it, if you have a good amount of forward head posture, your skin from your jaw line to your chest is slack and relaxed … in a bad way. “Turkey Neck” is not a becoming look! As we age and our skin loses it’s tone, we need all the help we can get, so pull that head back and help yourself with what you have control over; your postural awareness.

Great posture helps our clothes to look their best. Preventing a collapsing, subluxated spine can help what you wear, hang properly. Many women, and men too, will suffer from what we call a “hyper-kyphosis”, or too much curve in the mid back. My mother deals with difficulty finding clothes that fit right because of her rounding or Dowager’s Hump in her mid back. This is from a collapsing spine due to osteoporosis and arthritis. I guarantee you that subluxation in her spine came first. My mother is a beautiful lady, but as a Chiropractor, it pains me to see how some of the things she wears, just don’t look right because she has to accommodate her deformed spine. I wish I could have been there to adjust her through the years. For myself and my patients, I encourage defying poor posture by knowing what you look like on the inside with an x-ray so we can customize your program and provide you with strategies to keep your wardrobe looking great on you.

Did you know that a having healthy spine improves our confidence levels? Think of what someone who’s “successful” looks like to you. Strong, tall (no matter how many feet tall you stand), balanced, chest up, bright eyes and with a clear voice that can be heard. That LOOKS healthy and powerful. Think of what someone who “struggles” looks like. What comes to mind is sloppy looks, slumping spine, meek and weak voice, they probably don’t have good eye contact and live by their fears. Ohhhhh …. give me that person!

If you allow me to change your posture, we (together … that’s US) can not only change you health for the better but build your confidence and the way you and the world sees you.

Think about this: How important is it for young kids and teenagers to have great confidence in this world, to be all they can be? Don’t forget about their posture and how Chiropractic can help them! Take care of yourself with your adjustments but please … don’t leave others behind.

Tell me how your posture has changed since you started getting adjusted!

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