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Is Your Body a Junker Clunker or a Rolls Royce?

I notice a lot of patients are getting into “body pride”. When you start doing something positive for your health like getting adjusted, often within a couple month worth of work in our office, patients come up to me and say “Guess what? I joined the gym.” or “Did you know that I just lost 10 pounds?” or “I’ve decided that I’m done with drinking soda.” Why do you think this happens? Because good behavior attracts good behavior. And good behavior often produces great results. We want success and success likes to ride on the coattails of other successes! In other words, it’s catchy! You see yourself differently and take care of yourself differently. It may start with me showing you some very important facts about your spine, teaching you how to do some stretches, showing you how to balance your spine at work or in the car, or even some little “tricks” to get out of pain fast. But soon that focus spreads out to other body benefiting habits that you can take on for the “health of it”.

If your body is a Junker Clunker, who cares if there’s another ding in the paint job? But if your body is like a Rolls Royce, then chances are you want to protect that ride! Put cheap fuel in it? No way. Let the oil change go an extra 5,000 miles? Not a chance. Leave the windows down when it rains ruining the nice leather interior. Forgetaboutit! If you own something that nice, then you have “rules” around how that prize is taken care of. Let your body be the same way. Many ex-smokers can’t stand smelling cigarette smoke. Many folks who climbed up the success ladder could not see themselves “doing nothing all day”, without a job to help give them purpose in life and becoming sucked in by the couch and TV. Many people who successfully lose weight, could never see themselves without some exercise planned in the next day or two. And … many Chiropractic patients at our office can’t stand the sight of someone all hunched over with a collapsing spine. It just looks bad and is unhealthy.

These successes often build up without us even noticing the minor changes taking place, but if you keep on adding layers of change, pretty soon you will have success brewing that wants to blossom like our summer flowers! This is a great time of year to let yourself shine and strut your new posture! Tool around in that “vehicle” that you can appreciate! Breathe in some of that fresh air and know that you’re on a road trip to living healthier, looking younger and opening yourself up to new opportunities of taking your health to the next level. You’re worth it!

Tell me … how have you changed since starting care at Broadway Family Chiropractic?

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