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Prescription Drug Abuse May Now be the Top Cause of Accidental Death in America

The phrase “prescription drug abuse” allows Big Pharma to get away with too much, shifting the blame to stoners, druggies and youths who like to get their kicks from illegal prescriptions and black market OxyContin-type drugs that sell for high prices.  The death toll has gone up to almost 900,000 annually from various areas that include hospital stays, surgeries, incorrect or unnecessary procedures and prescriptions.  But the highest death toll comes with adverse reactions from “correctly prescribed” medications and procedures.

Over the counter drugs (OTC) haven’t been included in these statistics, but OTC sleeping pills and Tylenol are responsible for many more ER visits and deaths.  Also not included are permanent disabilities from vaccines and other drugs.  The numbers are probably worse than any statistical reports, as not all adverse reactions are actually reported.

Oxycondone is the main opioid ingredient of OxyContin, a synthetic offshoot of heroin.  Oxycodone ingredients were once a last ditch solution for usually terminal cancer patient pain when morphine failed. That was a couple of decades ago.  These drugs are being prescribed too often and too easily.  The overdose death toll has skyrocketed to over 15,000, more than street heroin and cocaine combined.

By the way, late-stage cancer patients have used various forms of full-cannabinoid hemp to relieve pain from cancer and cure it without addiction. It can’t be patented,  so Big Pharma wants to keep it from competing with its high-profit patented drugs, and it’s still mostly illegal.  But that’s beginning to change, slowly.

In 2013, 254 million opioid prescriptions were filled in the USA.  Shortly after that report, the CDC estimated that health insurers forked over several billion dollars for health care costs related to prescription painkillers’ adverse effects.

Even those who have experienced enough severe pain to warrant oxycodone become addicted and experience terrible withdrawals if they try to kick the painkillers.

All of these people need to try corrective chiropractic care before using something that can cause mega-problems by addiction.  Makes sense, don’t you think?

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