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Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Did you know that the strongest form in architecture is the curve?  It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the arch in a window of an ancient castle, the arc of a tidal wave or the arc of the curve in your neck.  Hence, we really want to make sure that you restore, maintain and protect that “Arc of Life” as much as possible!  Not only will the structure of your spine be healthier and more resistant to degenerative changes, but there will be a ton of less stress on your ENTIRE nerve system.  Stay younger longer, anyone?

Broadway Family Chiropractic is not only committed to making you feel better but also dedicated to helping you having a healthier, better functioning spine and nerve system. This often starts with evaluating your cervical curve. Do you know how many people have loss their “C-curve” and have health challenges because of it? We see it a lot! It can cause problems such as headaches, shoulder pain, arm pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, blood pressure problems, neck pain, neck grinding (sounds like there’s sand in there!), just to mention a few of the problems. An x-ray of your neck will show us what condition your C-curve is in, where the Subluxations are, how long the problem has existed and what we need to do to rehabilitate this most important area of your framework.

Your neck posture will be revamped through teaching you what normal is. Your adjustments will allow your spine to accept a healthier posture by freeing up areas of resistance, what we call Subluxations, and simple exercises in house as well as done on your own, will encourage healthy spinal changes. Most people have no clue about this information when they come into the office. So important and vital for your good health, yet proper posture with a strong “Arc of Life” is rarely taught. We change that! You’re “in the know”, with us! When we show you how to make this happen, you’ll ride the wave of optimal health and give your body the opportunity to maximize its healing potential.

The catch? It’s better to start early. If you are a patient, how has working on your neck curve helped you be a healthier you? Let us know!

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