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The Pillars of Great Health

The pillars of great health at Broadway Family Chiropractic are the tools we use to offer your the best in Corrective Chiropractic Care. Your adjustments make up the core pillars. These pillars provide you with much health support. Surrounding the core, are all the other tools/pillars that customize our care to each patient. Sometimes this includes our favorite pillow for your neck, orthotics to support your feet and reduce the shock of heel strike, lumbar cushions to “hug” your lumbar curve, as well as traction devices to enhance cervical, thoracic and lumbar curve correction. We also can’t forget the pillars of our good nutrition and the support they provide! Carlson’s wonderful Multivitamins, Anabolic’s therapeutic combination nutrients, Wuji Chlorella for detoxification and our natural transdermal bioidentical hormones for better balance, are part of this department. Your custom stretches and exercises are another pillar to support your healing. We make these easy to incorporate into your life. We can’t forget a good healthy attitude as one of the pillars because what you focus on grows. Set yourself up for success by attracting good health to you! Nobody offers you more healing tips than Broadway Family Chiropractic!

And then you have your dedicated, warrior Chiropractic, wellness coach in … myself!

Yes, it’s important to have continued great support for a healthy spine. Maintenance patients stay at our office for years, it’s true. Old patients that leave, often return for the enhance healing and the way that Corrective adjustments keep us vibrant in health. Our signature system makes our office unlike many others out there. We hope that you feel the passion that we have for you to help you be the BEST that you can be! Doesn’t it make sense to take care of your nervous system, keeping it stress free, since it is through this system, you heal? Our style of care helps build a better back and more! We’re by your side.

Your life will change many times over so together we need to pay attention to different aspects of your health, as time goes on. Life’s events will change the way that we adjust you and the way that we take care of you. Modifications to your care may include getting older, job changes, new work activities, an injury or specific health challenge, weight loss/gain or a new health goal that you’re focusing on. Over the course of time, patients may start driving more for work, begin working out more, get in a car accident or decide to stop smoking, for example. The way we care for our patients will change and adapt to that person’s lifestyle and help their body compensate correctly to their environment. Certain tools or supports will help you climb the “heath ladder”! It’s a variety pack within the healing strategies at BFC! That’s one of the reasons that we do our re-exams in the office; to keeps tabs on your progress and provide you with new strategies to raise the bar for your health and healing.

My promise to you is this: I am dedicated to do all I can to keep you healthy. In the healing arts, I fight like crazy, a wild cat, if you will! If you haven’t yet, maybe it’s time you put me in the ring with you to “knock out subluxations”, heal your body and develop a great health strategy by establishing strong pillars of health! The choice is yours. What do you think? There’s no time like now to take care of you!

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