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Three Signs That Your Body Is Telling You To Go See A Doctor of Chiropractic

Often times in life, the writing is on the wall. We just have to pay attention to the signs. I think that there are three OBVIOUS signs that it’s time that you give your friendly Doctor of Chiropractic a call to start you on the road to higher levels of health. There, we can investigate what it would take to help you build a healthy back and feel better!

#1 Reason

You’ve been dealing with back, neck or joint pain or dysfunction for more than one month. Perhaps you’ve attempted a few things that you could do yourself like OTC painkillers, heat or ice or both. Perhaps you’ve tried to stretch it out with some at home exercises, or altered your lifestyle in the way you sit, stand or sleep. Many people just lay low, dealing with the pain and think “When is this pain going to go away?”

#2 Reason

Your discomfort or pain is interfering with your ability to do your regular activities and you’ve lost some of your mobility. For example, you know you’re doing your job differently, you can’t exercise like you want to, you’re not doing the regular hobbies that you enjoy or here’s a biggie … your sleep quality is changing or you’re waking up in the middle of the night because of pain. You may even notice that this problem is causing you to be irritable, moody, depressed, tired, weak or feeling vulnerable to move certain joints.

You notice that you can’t get down on the floor with the kids or to do your cleaning or on the ground to do yard work. You feel “old” getting out of bed or in and out of the car. You notice that it’s difficult to raise your arms equally or put socks on while standing. Do you feel like you’ve lost strength? Have you found that certain job requirement like typing, using a mouse, sitting for long periods, or bending to lift repetitively have “a cost”? Perhaps you end up on the couch by 7 or 8 PM because you don’t feel “up to par”, and that’s just not you. In any case, your daily and nightly routine is not your normal!

“What if this gets worse?” is a common question. This is not normal and is a problem that doesn’t have to be!

#3 Reason

An observation that is very important for good health and is DEFINITELY a sign that your body is telling you – screaming at you – that you need to see a Chiropractor is that you notice your poor posture. You notice that you’re slouching and that it’s difficult to hold good posture. Maybe you see a hump forming in your upper back or lower neck. That’s a definite “red flag” that there is spinal misalignment compromising the health of your back. Have you caught your reflection in a mirror or window or seen yourself in a photo and thought “Is that really me? I don’t look like I use too!” Maybe you’ve gone to your MD and they told you that you are an inch SHORTER that you used to be! Oh, no! A lot of our posture compromises are a result of our daily habits combined with our genetic tendencies. Posture is a habit. So, let’s make sure yours is working for you, not against you.

My top three signs that it’s time that you to call a Chiropractor for your best health, are really a wake up call for you to look at these body signs as true issues. These are common problems that often get pushed to the back burner because people think that they’re just temporary or not a big deal. Unfortunately, symptoms like these accumulate and before you know it, simple problems can become complex. That’s why it’s always best to take care of your body early on, before pain becomes chronic, complex and even worse! My best recommendation is to make an appointment so that we can discuss your case and answer any questions that you may have. I would love to help you with some healing Chiropractic recommendation that are safe, drug free and natural. You only have one spine and one nerve system. Corrective Chiropractic can help you to make it last pleasantly throughout your lifetime, making sure that you enjoy the active, healthy lifestyle that we all want.

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