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Thrive, Not Just Survive!

Some people just survive. It’s sad because they walk through life bouncing from one issue to another, crisis to crisis without ever setting themselves up for success. So right here, right now, I’m going to give you one of the honest to goodness ways to enhance your well-being and health throughout life. Simply, DECIDE on a health strategy to keep your body functioning at it’s highest levels, for all your days!

What we have discovered over the years, is that the strategies that last the longest and are most beneficial, revolve around care ideas that are easy to live with. Meaning that the strategy must be simple to understand, quick, and easily woven into a persons current lifestyle. The strategy that I’m recommending is one in which you participate fully, take advantage of your God given healing ability and only utilize extreme measures of health care when it’s purely necessary or that crisis dictates. Chiropractic is a science, art and philosophy that provides patients with a strategy to thrive, not just survive! Today, I want you to understand how it really works.

My theme in the office for this month that I want to make clear to everyone, is the REAL REASON to get and stay well adjusted. That is because we want to maximize your body’s natural healing ability from your brain, the Master Computer of the body, to all the cells of your body. Let’s encourage and optimize the back and forth nerve impulses, and minimize the interference and irritation of your spinal misalignments, or what we call your Subluxations. I don’t want to just suppress symptoms. I don’t want you to just survive … I want you to THRIVE!

I don’t care if a patient is dealing with a backache, digestive issue, trying to preserve great posture as they get older, a sprained ankle or cancer, etc.. Healing comes from the brain and nerve system first. The communication signals must be clear! We always start there to optimize and “perk up” your healing ability.

I have a great analogy to what we try to accomplish at Broadway Family Chiropractic. It came to me when I was in a report with a new patient, explaining his rather devastating results from my exam and x-rays. I related that Subluxation is like the brain is calling the body parts on it’s cell phone (let say, the kidneys, for example) and the brain says “Yo, Kidneys … are you purifying the blood down there?” And the Kidneys respond “Hey Dude, you’re breaking up. We can’t hear you!” And the Brain responds through the static, “Hello, hello? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now (as it walks over to a window)?” With Subluxation, the messages don’t get through as clearly as your body needs for healthy communication and repair! Most adjustments to improve this situation are quick, along with the healing tips we give, to minimize the damaging effects of Subluxation and allow your body to move into thrive mode. Perk it up!

Pay attention here! Don’t make me come and find you! How about if non-patients find us? Health breakthroughs happen weekly at our office. I pray for them, invite them and get excited about them. I invite you to be part of a healing office that cares, works hard for you and gets great results. It’s not magic, but a straightforward strategy to make your body work better for greater healing and improved function, for all the generations. Let us show you how easy it is to make this part of your fitness routine and health strategy in your current lifestyle!

I encourage our current patients to pass this info on to someone you care about who wants to preserve good health. We will give them a system to deal with owning one of these structures we call “our body”, and all the lifetime changes that go along with it. We will take care of them, treat them like family and help them to THRIVE! You’ll be the hero for making the connection!

Did you know? Tried and true, Chiropractic has been around since 1895. Although the term was coined then, actually physical manipulation of the joints, has been around for centuries.

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