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Tips For Travel Because Subluxations Don't Take Vacations!

The summer season is here! Along with that, many of us will venture out of town to enjoy a little down time. A little relaxation to de-stress our busy lives is a requirement for most to help keep life in balance. So how do we set ourselves up for a healthy vacation? I have some tips from my clinical years of experience that help most people be in their best form before, during and after vacation.

First, we want to get your spine prepared for when you’ll be away and probably missing an adjustment. We do this by adding in an adjustment or two in what I call “stacked adjustments” to make sure the subluxated areas of your spine are as flexible as possible before you go. I would hate to send anyone on vacation without offsetting the potential chance of a flare up in symptoms. Remember, the stresses that increases the chance of a flare up are all here pre-vacation. This includes the added stress of tying up “loose ends” before you go, the stress of travel itself including the flight you may take (increases pressure on your discs and can increase inflammation), long periods of sitting and/or standing, as well as towing around luggage (please keep those travel bags off your shoulder!).

While at your destination, many people have a different schedule with different activities that could irritate or cause Subluxations to occur. We sleep on different beds with different pillows than at home, have different schedules and often eat a totally different diet. All these things can cause you to have “Vacation Subluxations” so let’s get ahead on your adjustment schedule to strengthen you up before you go! It’s called being proactive!

Did you know that when you get adjusted it pumps up your immune system? Studies show that our white blood cell count – the “fighter cells” against invading germs – are increased up to four times post adjustment. Certainly, that is useful when we’re going to a different region, meeting different people and eating different foods. Keeping your body and immune system strong will also make sure that you don’t pick something up along the way, only to get sick when you come back to your “real life”.

Another great way to boost your immune system is to take a Probiotics before your trip. A Probiotic supplement supplies your digestive tract with “healthy” good bacteria, so that you can protect yourself from different “bad” bacteria that your system is not used to. We love Anabolic Labs Probiotics. Ask about them at the front desk. Probiotics are a source of healthy bacteria to keep normal gut flora in check … to pump up the “good guys” and to offset the “bad guys”, should you be challenged. Remember, different location = different bacteria. I suggest going in with full armor!

By no means am I a “germ phobe” and science tell us that exposing ourselves to occasional foreign bacteria actually makes our immune system stronger, barring the fact that we’re healthy in the first place, I will give this next recommendation just because I don’t want anyone to “ask” for problems. PLEASE turn off the air that blows down above your airplane seat. This air is recycled, often bacteria ladened air and I don’t see any point in letting yourself be exposed.

Whether you’re traveling by train, plane or automobile, remember to HYDRATE! This will not only keep your digestive system moving but also help keep your muscles and joints with the proper fluid levels for better mobility.

Last but not least, don’t forget to do my customized 2 minute spinal stretches for your spine before bed and before you leave to enjoy your day! Extra points if you find another time during the day to do another set to keep your body happy. No one will see you do your “mad cat “ stretch in the plane’s restroom on the flight but your lower back will appreciate the stretch to break up a long, uncomfortable flight!

Very importantly, maximize EVERY MINUTE of your vacation. You deserve it! We’ll “tune you up” when you get back to your regular adjustment schedule. If we’re proactive, sending you off with some ideas to keep your spine healthy while you’re away, I find that 99% of people do just fine and manage their Subluxations. Enjoy and Bon Voyage!

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