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Did you know that by design, we are meant to have strong, straight upright posture?  Poor posture is the default.  Just like we’re designed to have excellent health, sickness and disease is the default.  Why is it then that people suffer with poor posture as well as aches, pains, body breakdown and sickness and disease?  It’s all how your body ADAPTS TO YOUR ENVIRONMENT.  So how do we create strength for the body?  Through balance and good posture backed up with healthy diet, plenty of clear water and adequate rest.  I have fresh ideas you help manage your spine, neck and joint pain but also will enhance your framework’s POSTURE and optimize your overall health.

As a Chiropractor, for years I have emphasized that structure determines function. Why? Because all body systems depend upon the the structural balance and integrity of the spine in order for the body to coordinate itself. This STRUCTURAL ALIGNMENT also allows the nerve system to be free of interference. In order for the cardiovascular system to push blood throughout its vessels, structure is important. For the respiratory system to take in oxygen and expel CO2, structure is important and for the digestive system to take in nutrition and properly eliminate its by-products, structure is important. For the immune system to operate at its highest level, structure is important. Every system depends on its proper positioning in the body.

What I’ve learned about good posture is this – you really can’t fake it – for long. If the spine has not “learned” a correct posture through corrective adjustments and education, it is almost impossible to hold great posture. Posture is actually a spinal habit and if muscles and ligaments are not conditioned enough, “the path of least resistance” will have its way and seek the easy way out. I say the easy way out, but really, good posture is easy to keep and feels great once you own it. Poor posture is uncomfortable for someone owning and having great postural health! We start by freeing up the spine’s misalignments or Subluxations (these are tight areas in the spine that are not moving normally), then strengthen up and balance the musculature around the spine. Patients are taught what new behaviors are going to be important for their spine and what activities to avoid. Practice makes perfect but if applied consistently, most patients go on “autopilot” and don’t have to think much about proper posture – it just becomes them! They feel great, have less or no pain and have their mobility!

Great posture is a must for a more youthful, vibrant appearance as well!

You know, there may be more to good posture than you think. I’ve had exercise enthusiasts and others who thought that they had good posture be surprised when we take their x-rays and low and behold, they reveal spinal areas that are in trouble. So I say, don’t miss out on a corrective Chiropractic care evaluation. It will help shine the light on what we can make lasting changes for your best health … not just your spinal integrity but all the systems of the body.

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